Updated: February 9th, 2018


#DogRight – the official hashtag of the movement.

#DogWhitePill – the tag for happy stories, news, videos, etc.

#DogRightPSA – the tag for important information that could affect your pets.

#DogRightTips – the tag for neat information that help your pets. (Like recipes for popcicles for dogs.)

#BarkingChain – the tag for finding fellow dog right accounts to follow.

#DoggoFamily – happy dog families

#DoggosMunchkins – dogs and human children pictures

#SleepySunday – pictures on a Sunday of sleeping dogs.

#ChadDogRight – the grown up dogs that like girls, partying, and similar pursuits.

#DogLite – the equivalent of the Alt-Light/New Right

#DogKek – the Kekstani/DogRight crossover crowd.

#DogReich – for the 1488 crowd.

#DogLeft – liberal dogs.

#CatRight – right wing cat lovers, our opposite but an ally. (Currently I don’t believe there is a defined movement)

#CatLeft – liberal cats.

Terminology we use for DogRight:

Doggo – dog

Pupper – puppy

Dog-pill – joining the #DogRight

Elite Force – General Beagle’s main team

Yip Scouts – the seeder group for puppies who want to join General Beagle’s forces one day.

Aroo Squad – the teenage group of the Yip Scouts.

Wooflr – the pet version of Tumblr

Liberal Woofs college – the dog version of a liberal arts college

Hydrant – the doggo version of Tinder

ears flop down – the dog version of removing your hat when someone passes away.

Maul-a-thon – when #DogRight goes in for keeps on a Twitter argument.

Social Justice Felines (SJF) – the cat version of a social justice warrior.

Known figures in the movement:

General Yardley T. Beagle – the commander of #DogRight

Colonel Cookie and Major Moose – the operators of WoofRight, the official Twitter of #DogRight. Members of the Elite Force.

Captain Shep – leader of a regiment and a member of the Elite Force.

Lieutenant Ruby – operator of Right Wing Dog Squad and a member of the Elite Force.

Sergeant Major Ian – operator of DogRight_AD and a member of the Elite Force.

Sergeant Major Puggerino – #DogRight enforcer of order and discipline and member of the Elite Force.

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