The DogRight Lexicon

Updated: February 9th, 2018


#DogRight – the official hashtag of the movement.

#DogWhitePill – the tag for happy stories, news, videos, etc.

#DogRightPSA – the tag for important information that could affect your pets.

#DogRightTips – the tag for neat information that help your pets. (Like recipes for popcicles for dogs.)

#BarkingChain – the tag for finding fellow dog right accounts to follow.

#DoggoFamily – happy dog families

#DoggosMunchkins – dogs and human children pictures

#SleepySunday – pictures on a Sunday of sleeping dogs.

#ChadDogRight – the grown up dogs that like girls, partying, and similar pursuits.

#DogLite – the equivalent of the Alt-Light/New Right

#DogKek – the Kekstani/DogRight crossover crowd.

#DogReich – for the 1488 crowd.

#DogLeft – liberal dogs.

#CatRight – right wing cat lovers, our opposite but an ally. (Currently I don’t believe there is a defined movement)

#CatLeft – liberal cats.

Terminology we use for DogRight:

Doggo – dog

Pupper – puppy

Dog-pill – joining the #DogRight

Elite Force – General Beagle’s main team

Yip Scouts – the seeder group for puppies who want to join General Beagle’s forces one day.

Aroo Squad – the teenage group of the Yip Scouts.

Wooflr – the pet version of Tumblr

Liberal Woofs college – the dog version of a liberal arts college

Hydrant – the doggo version of Tinder

ears flop down – the dog version of removing your hat when someone passes away.

Maul-a-thon – when #DogRight goes in for keeps on a Twitter argument.

Social Justice Felines (SJF) – the cat version of a social justice warrior.

Known figures in the movement:

General Yardley T. Beagle – the commander of #DogRight

Colonel Cookie and Major Moose – the operators of WoofRight, the official Twitter of #DogRight. Members of the Elite Force.

Captain Shep – leader of a regiment and a member of the Elite Force.

Lieutenant Ruby – operator of Right Wing Dog Squad and a member of the Elite Force.

Sergeant Major Ian – operator of DogRight_AD and a member of the Elite Force.

Sergeant Major Puggerino – #DogRight enforcer of order and discipline and member of the Elite Force.

The Right Wing Doggo Lookalike Gallery

Updated: May 26th, 2018

What is the #DogRight?

The simple answer is about a dozen or so people with similar right wing beliefs that love dogs decided to start a group to show appreciation for man’s best friend.  I’m now under the assumption for most folks more questions have manifested as a result that simple statement. The biggest probably being, Why?  They’re just dogs. The Dog Right believes that this attitude of indifference has ceded a lot of mediums and institutions that are huge cultural influences to the left. Examples of this are:

  • Movies
  • Television
  • Literature
  • Fine Art
  • Social Media
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Music
  • News Media
  • Schools and Universities
  • Pop Culture in General
  • Religion – This is to a lesser extent, however when you have large branches of Christianity(Episcopal Church, former state run churches in Europe, and The Presbyterian Church U.S.A  are just a few examples) that were once stalwarts of a multitude oftraditional western values to become so diseased with left wing propaganda they are now dead and just do not know it.

But it is only Twitter

I am sure the same could have been said about others that were once minimally impacting the society but now they have such a great affect the values they promote are used in decisions that are life and death.

There are millions of us that believe in a lot of the same things and a vast amount of these beliefs overlap with other groups across the board on the right. One of the main beliefs we hold is that we acknowledge the west has been a friend to dogs for centuries and vice versa.  We do not want barbaric cultures to come in and be a new influence on our culture.  These cultures and religions that are diametrically opposed to ours cannot be allowed a say in how The Western World shapes it’s values and laws.  We have a passion for dogs so it was a pleasant choice for us on how to go about this.


Our Best Friend

It is important and essential for us to promote and celebrate this unique virtue of Western civilization.

Dogs were used to describe admirable characteristics in Ancient Greece and Rome.  Vase paintings from 600 B.C. depict dogs inside the house laying under the table.  According to my research is was about 30,000 years ago when wolves would begin to become man’s best friend.

There are other cultures in the world that do not take kindly to dogs and have a history of being cruel because they believe dogs are ritually unclean.  The complexity and splintering among Islamic jurisprudence on this matter has been twisted and hidden utilizing half truths or entirely omitting facts about their beliefs about dogs. Sunni Islam is the largest branch of Islam and within it are four schools of Sunni jurisprudence.

Two of the four schools Hanbali ( think Saudi Arabia. They believe the hair is clean but saliva is unclean) and Shafi’i (the entire animal is unclean), have a very bleak view on dogs.  They are on the same level as pigs according to the Shafi’i school of Sunni jurisprudence. Shia Islam is what is practiced in Iran and Iran is not dog friendly.

This is an advisory. The video is a compilation of images depicting dead and dying dogs in Iran.

If you combine a religious intolerance for something and insert it into a culture for centuries, with the inbreeding that is prevalent in a lot of the third world nations, you have an especially cruel and wicked people that may smile in your face as they have someone else stab you in the back. They are still committing extreme human rights abuses so the compassion needed for something like a dog is not even a discussion.

Our culture can be represented in a picture of a mother playing with her kids and the family dog. Then Mom takes the phone and records a silly video of dad with his sons playing keep away with a football from the family golden retriever named Sam. There is so much power in that short little video. You have the nuclear family being represented in a positive manner. This is an extremely rare occurrence and with the anti-white, anti-west, anti-family agenda being vomited out of Hollywood we should take advantage of even the simplest mediums. The presidential election and Brexit has shown that the left are awful at disseminating a message in a short and efficient manner that gets the point across. They have Saudi funded AJ+, Occupy Democrats, and a few other awful sites and areas of the internet with millions of dollars behind them. They failed disastrously in reaching people, while a random meme created on a site like 4chan would take off seemingly over night.

To summarize the Dog Right supports western civilization and celebrating our traditions. We believe in telling other countries we’re full, however, until then we believe certain countries that align closer to our society should be given preference. We believe ending the inane practice of birthright citizenship and until then we believe anything that incentives birthright citizenship needs to be reviewed and fixed so illegals don’t come here to have their kids. We are for helping dogs through various means such as donating to your local shelter or volunteering at it. This symbol of our identity must be protected from those who would wish to stop us from something that has been passed down to us throughout history. Remember what Andrew Breitbart said, “Politics is downstream from culture”. If we wish to raise a generation of sluts let’s just show little girls as sluts to them on television. From there the schools can indoctrinate her into being “pro-slut”. She can then leave school and find pro-slut politics to engage in. Their power is secured and all they have to do is appease a voter block willing to be lead around on a leash.

So, let us take advantage of this opportunity given to us. If dogs aren’t your thing, find out what is. As we pull attention away from left wing noxious areas of the internet that likes dogs, maybe you can try something similar with American cars or a sport like hockey. Now you know what #DogRight is. Welcome and be a good boy.